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Hi, Kids! I’m Dr. Dirt, the armadillo archeologist. Today we're going to explore a 19th-century farm site not too far from Austin, Texas! Here, you'll learn how a team of archeologists and historians pieced together amazing bits of evidence to tell the story of the African American landowners, Ransom and Sarah Williams, and their nine children. Along the way, you'll learn about life on the farm and see some of the thousands of items that belonged to them—everything from buttons to bullets! In our second activity, you can track events in the Williams family along with historic events on a larger scale—in Texas and the United States—using our interactive timeline. Then challenge your statistics skills to determine changes in population over time. (Don't panic; you can always call on me for help with the numbers!).

Illustration of Dr. Dirt

Link to kids activity: Discover a 19th Century Farm!
Link to kids activity: Track History on a Timeline!