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Credits & Sources

photo of Curtis Tunnell
Wax Camps author and former Texas Historical Commission Executive Director Curtis Tunnell.

The Wax Camps along the Rio Grande exhibits are based on the 1981 Texas Historical Commission report written by the late Curtis Tunnell. (Tunnell's life and career are traced in the section, Tunnell's Journey). His artistry as a writer and photographer is evident throughout these exhibits.

The Wax Camps exhibits were developed and edited by TBH Co-Editor Susan Dial with webmaster Meg Kemp and were made possible with support through the Curtis D. Tunnell Memorial Fund grant, Friends of the Texas Historical Commission. JoAnn Pospisil, Pat Mercado-Allinger, Andrew Cloud, and Raymond Skiles served as exhibit reviewers.

photo of JoAnn Pospisil
Ethnohistorian JoAnn Pospisil, shown balancing on a mysterious "devil's ball" in Ojinaga, Mexico.

Historian JoAnn Pospisil wrote the section entitled, "The Industry Today" and also provided many of the photos used in these exhibits. She holds a Masters degree in History from the University of Houston and is a "life student" of the Big Bend area. She has written a variety of articles on the economy and folk life of the region, including her study of the little-known involvement of women in wax making. With THC steward Enrique Madrid and his wife Ruby serving as interpreters, Pospisil visits wax camps and interviews wax makers in northern Mexico, including several candelilleras, or female wax workers. She also has compiled a bibliography of Hispanic-related materials in the Archives of the Big Bend at Sul Ross State University. She is a Certified Archivist currently working at the Baylor College of Medicine Chancellor's Office and Archives in the Texas Medical Center, Houston, but frequently makes the lengthy drive to Alpine to enjoy, study, and then write about the Big Bend area.

photo of Curtis Tunnell
Contributors to the Wax Camps exhibits. From Left, JoAnn Pospisil, Enrique and Ruby Madrid (standing), and Big Bend wildlife biologist Raymond Skiles. Photo by Susan Dial.

Raymond Skiles provided many exceptional photos for these exhibits, capturing not only the breathtaking scenery of the Chihuahuan desert but the character of the wax workers who make their living from its resources. A native of Langtry, Texas, Skiles grew up on the Rio Grande and today serves as Wildlife Biologist for Big Bend National Park, National Park Service. Skiles has made numerous trips into northern Mexico to meet with the wax makers and photograph their techniques.

Website of the Texas Historical Commission.
Big Bend National Park website with sections on the area's history, culture, and environment plus practical information on getting to the park, weather, and events.

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Interviews and Personal Communications

Adams, David
1977   Interviewed in Stillwell Crossing, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

1980   Interviewed in Marathon, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

Areniva, Agapito
1976   Interviewed in Presidio, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

Armendariz, Luis
1976   Interviewed in Presidio, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

Bryant, Vaughn
1976   Personal communication. (Letter of July 1976 provided to Curtis Tunnell.)

Burleson, Bob
1976   Interviewed in Austin, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

Casner, J.E.
1976   Interviewed in Alpine, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

Earwood, Clem
1977 Interviewed in Alpine, TX., by Mavis Bryant.

Harrison, J.
1977   Interviewed in Sanderson, Tx., by Mavis Bryant.

Ornelas, Tom
1976   Interviewed in Presidio, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

Riojas, Ramón
1980   Interviewed at Adams Ranch, Brewster County, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.

Stillwell, Hallie
1976   Interviewed in Alpine, Tx., by Mavis Bryant.

Thomas, D.D.
1977   Interviewed in Alpine, TX., by Mavis Bryant.

Walker, Mrs.
1975   Interviewed in Candelária, Tx., by Curtis Tunnell.