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The Caddo Nation Today

Seal of the Caddo.
Seal of the Caddo.

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The Caddo Nation, the governing body of the Caddo people, is headquartered in Binger, Oklahoma. Tamara Francis is currently (2019) the elected chairman of the Tribal Council. For more information on the Caddo Nation, its departments, four-year vision for the future, and a schedule of upcoming events, visit their website at

We at Texas Beyond History also completed a major collaborative effort with the Caddo, the creation of a series of interrelated exhibits telling the story of the Caddo peoples from ancestral times to present day. Entitled Tejas: The Life and Times of the Caddo Indians, the massive thematic presentation includes sections on ancestral peoples and archeology, an interactive resource and site map of the four-state Caddo homeland, galleries of Caddo pottery, and a section written by Caddo historian Cecile Elkins Carter, "Caddo Voices: Past and Present," as well as correlated children's and teachers resources. View the exhibits at