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Photo of Loop 1604 today with IH 10 in background.
Today what is left of Pavo Real is entombed in concrete beneath the four bridges that now span Leon Creek where prehistoric peoples once camped. View east with Interstate 10 in the background.

Credits & Sources

The Pavo Real exhibit was written or adapted from the technical report by TBH Co-Editor Steve Black. Meg Kemp prepared the exhibit for the web. Al McGraw, Clark Wernecke, and Mike Collins provided Black with helpful information. Mike Collins also wrote most of the Paleoindian section. The exhibit was sponsored by the Environmental Affairs Division of the Texas Department of Transportation in order to share the results of the scientific work at the Pavo Real site with the public.

Jerry Henderson served as field director of the 1979-1980 TxDOT excavations. Chuck Johnson was the project geologist. Frank A. Weir served as principal investigator.

During the 2000-2003 TARL analysis, Thomas R. Hester served as principal investigator, Dale Hudler and Steve Black were co-project archeologists, and Hudler was also the project manager. Michael Collins conducted the study of the Paleoindian materials and drew together the materials on the geology of the site. Black conducted the study of the Archaic archeology and the hearths. Hudler analyzed the Archaic projectile points, coordinated the neutron activation analysis of the cherts, synthesized the paleoclimatic evidence relating to the region, and did most of the data management chores. Darrell Creel, as Director of TARL and as a member of the field crew that excavated at Pavo Real, provided leadership and unique insights throughout the project. G. Lain Ellis, Jim Abbott, and Nancy Kenmotsu of TxDOT administered the contract and provided advice on many aspects of the project.

All of the photographs are now in the TARL archives. Most of the field photographs were taken by Jerry Henderson. Most of the artifact photographs were taken by Milton Bell and Jeffrey Link. Edward De La Rosa, Clark Wernecke, Sam Gardner and Link produced the graphics.

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Pavo Real Story Map

[Interesting "story map" presentation on the site, created by the Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio for the Bexar Tricentennial]

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