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Credits & Sources

Caddo Fundamentals was written by Steve Black with help from Tim Perttula and many other individuals and organizations who contributed ideas, images, and information.

Advisors and Reviewers: Robert Cast, Cecile Carter, Ann Early, Bobby Gonzalez, Lee Johnson, Frank Schambach, and Dee Ann Story.

Photographers: Steve Black, Cecile Carter, Jeff Girard, Dayna Bowker Lee, Bill Martin, Sharon Mitchell, Marilyn Murrow, Tim Perttula, George Sabo III, Frank Schambach, Donna Smith Spaulding, Elizabeth Stoker, Dee Ann Story, and Mark Walters.

Graphics: Justin Hays (all unattributed maps) and Dee Ann Story.

Artists: T.C. Cannon, Nola Davis, George Nelson, Reeda Peel, and Thompson Williams.

Organizations providing photographs and artwork: Arkansas Archeological Survey,
Caddo Nation Tribal Headquarters, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Institute of Texan Cultures, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, Oklahoma Archaeological Society, Oklahoma Historical Society, Omaha Public Library, PBS&J, Pictures of Record, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, University of Oklahoma, Smithsonian Institution, Texas Historical Commission, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Watson Library (Northwestern State University), Western History Collections (University of Oklahoma Library), and William Mathers Museum (Indiana University).

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General Caddo and History

Official website of the Caddo Nation

Kid-friendly site with general information about Caddo culture.

Online version of 1935 article by William B. Glover entitled "A History of the Caddo Indians" originally published in the Louisiana Historical Quarterly.

Caddo Archeology

Arkansas Archeological Society

Louisiana Archaeological Society

Texas Archeological Society

Caddoan Languages and Peoples

Kiwat Hasinay is asmall nonprofit foundation dedicated to preserving the Caddo language and encouraging its revival. One of the foundation's projects has been an effort to create a community-based program to teach the language to Caddo children.

Native Languages of the Americas website created by a small non-profit group "dedicated to preserving and promoting the indigenous languages of the Western Hemisphere." Extensive information on many Native American languages; Caddoan section a work in progress.

Handbook of Texas Online. Suggested topics:
Amediche Indians
Anadarko Indians
Cachae Indians
Caddo Indians
Canonizochitoui Indians
Caso Indians
Caxo Indians
Cataye Indians
Chaquantie Indians
Dotchetonne Indians
Hacanac Indians
Lacane Indians
Naansi Indians
Nabedache Indians
Nabeyxa Indians
Nabiri Indians
Nacachau Indians
Nacaniche Indians
Nacau Indians
Nacogdoche Indians
Nacono Indians
Nanatsoho Indians
Nasayaha Indians
Nasoni Indians
Natchitoch Indians
Nechaui Indians
Neche Indians
Palaquesson Indians
Tadiva Indians
Vinta Indians

Mississippian World


Cahokia Mounds is a not-for-profit organization managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This website has detailed information about Cahokia, events, and visiting the site.