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Credits and Sources

The El Paso Missions and Settlements exhibit is the work of TBH assistant editor Carly Whelan and TBH editor Susan Dial.  The Ysleta Jacal Site section was written by Myles Miller. TBH web developer Heather Smith contributed to the writing and developed the exhibit for the web, with the help of Krutie Thakkar. Archeologist David Hill provided helpful review. Numerous El Paso museums and organizations contributed images to illustrate these pages, including the Centennial Museum and Library of the University of Texas at El Paso, the Tigua Cultural Center, the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, and the El Paso Community Foundation.  Batcho and Kauffman Assoc. of El Paso provided slides from excavations at the Ysleta WIC site.

Myles Miller is an archeologist with Geo-Marine, Inc., in El Paso. Miller has been professionally involved with the prehistory of the Jornada Mogollon and Trans-Pecos regions since returning to his home town of El Paso upon completion of graduate school in 1983. He first become interested in the region during grade school while accompanying members of the El Paso Archaeological Society during trips to prehistoric sites across northern Chihuahua. For the past 25 years he has conducted research and cultural resources management projects throughout the region and has participated in numerous excavations of prehistoric villages and hunter-gatherer campsites and historic Native American settlements in west Texas, southern New Mexico, and southeastern Arizona. He presently serves as a Principal Investigator with Geo-Marine, Inc. and supervises archeological consulting work performed at Fort Bliss.


Centennial Museum, University of Texas at El Paso

Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

El Paso County Historical Society

El Paso Historical Government Documents

El Paso Museum of Archaeology

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo
Official site of the Tigua tribe, pueblo, and cultural center in El Paso.

Ysleta Mission
Website of Mission de Corpus Christi de la Ysleta del Sur includes a wealth of historical and genealogical information, notice of community events, and photographs.

Prehistory of the Trans-Pecos Mountains and Basins
This section on Texas Beyond History provides more information about earlier people of El Paso and the larger region. See also Firecracker Pueblo and Madera Quemada exhibits to learn about the Jornada Mogollon and the pueblos of El Paso and southern New Mexico.

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