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Credits & Sources

The Caddo Ancestors exhibit sections were written by Steve Black, Tim Perttula, and Dee Ann Story. Black and Story wrote the earlier sections (prior to the Middle Caddo period). Perttula and Black wrote the later sections. Black is the editor of Texas Beyond History and is responsible for all mangled facts and unconstrained interpretations in this exhibit.

Dr. Timothy K. Perttula is the author of "The Caddo Nation," a 1992 book published by the University of Texas Press, as well as dozens of articles and reports dealing with Caddo topics. Tim earned his Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Washington and has been actively involved in Caddo archeology for three decades. Today he runs an Austin-based private consulting company that specializes in Caddo archeology as well as serving as the consulting archeologist for the Caddo Nation. Perttula's productivity and dedication to Caddo archeology is unmatched by any active researcher.

Dr. Dee Ann Story, Professor Emeritus from the University of Texas at Austin, began working at the George C. Davis site in 1968, taking up where the WPA had left off three decades earlier. With funding from the National Science Foundation, Story undertook major excavations at Mounds C and B. Later she directed university field schools at the Davis site and the Deshazo site near Nacogdoches and trained a new generation of Caddo archeologists. Over a dozen dissertations and theses on Caddo archeology were written by Story's graduate students, many of whom went on to become Caddo archeologists themselves. Today Story makes her home in Wimberly, when she is not traveling to some far corner of the world.

Advisors and Reviewers: Tim Perttula, Dee Ann Story and Frank Schambach provided critical review comments on the entire ancestors exhibit. Darrell Creel, Ann Early, Jeff Girard, Lee Johnson, Robert Rogers, and Don Wyckoff also provided helpful comments and information.

Photographers: Many of the photographs came from the archives at TARL. Dee Ann Story, Frank Schambach, and Tim Perttula, each provided numerous photos. The unattributed photos of artifacts on a black background were taken by Black.

Graphics: Dee Ann Story created many of the maps and plan drawings. Other maps were drawn by Justin Hays, TBH Intern, Summer 2003.

Artists: Artwork by Martin Pate, Terry Russell, George C. Nelson, and Nola Davis appears in the Ancestors sections.

Organizations providing photographs and artwork: Arkansas Archeological Survey; Texas Historical Commission; National Park Service, Southeast Archeological Center; Pictures of Record, Inc; PBS&J; Texas Archeological Society; Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; Smithsonian Institution; and Western History Center, University of Oklahoma.

The TXU Mining Company LP sponsored excavations at Oak Hill Village. PBS&J would like to acknowledge the help of Gene Gardner, Greg Mehringer, Matt Tanner, and Tom Gosdin of TXU.

Print Sources:

Perttula, Timmothy K.
1992 "The Caddo Nation": Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Perspectives. University of Texas Press, Austin.

There are no books written for a general audience on Caddo archeology instead, information on Caddo archeology can be found in hundreds of articles, technical reports, and academic books. For a comprehensive bibliography, see:

Perttula, Timmothy K., Ann M. Early, Lois E. Albert, and Jeffery Girard
2006 Caddoan Bibliography, updated edition. Arkansas Archeological Survey Technical Paper 10, Fayetteville.


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Time Perttula
Tim Perttula examining Caddo pottery at Texarkana College, fall, 2002. Photo by Mark Walters.
Tim Perttula and Miniske
Tim Perttula and canine friend, Miniske, in Peru, summer 2002, during a busman's holiday doing volunteer archeological work. Photo by Mark Walters.
Dee Ann Story
Dee Ann Story with Jim Corbin and Clarence Webb at the Davis site, June, 1969. TARL archives.
Dee Ann Story and Darrell Creel
Dee Ann Story and Darrell Creel examine soil samples from a hearth at the Davis site, May, 2003. Photo by Steve Black.